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REALnat Premium gallery

Training simulation

Bionatics Demo Database

2500 Km² of realtime fly and drive in High Resolution

With resolution as high as 0.1 meters over an area of 2500 Km², the Bionatics realtime demo, developed with its last generation tools Blueberry3D and REALnat Premium, was one of the most spectacular visual experiences to be seen during the I/ITSEC 2005 show!


AEGIS Technologies

Bagdhad modeled in 3D by the AEgis Technologies Group

The AEgis Technologies Group utilizes Bionatics RealNAT to produce vegetation for real-time urban and country sized terrain databases. To demonstrate the integration of high fidelity data layers AEgis created a Baghdad, Iraq dataset for the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (IITSEC) in Orlando, Florida. The database included half meter resolution satellite imagery that was rendered at 1:1, twenty thousand plus individual buildings and infrastructure, and Bionatics RealNAT Openflight vegetation for realism within a virtual real-time environment.



Bionatics trees in Blueberry3D

Bionatics presents an example of REALnat trees integrated into Blueberry3D.



METAVR enhances its NTC database thanks to Bionatics

MetaVR has developed an enhanced version of the National Training Center (NTC) database at Ft. Irwin, CA, thanks to the realism added by the Bionatics trees. This facility is used heavily by the U.S. armed ground forces with 42,000 soldiers trained each year. After receiving training in the virtual NTC, soldiers go on rotation to train at the actual NTC facility.



Bionatics's Top 15 references in the simulation industry.

Bionatics, the leading company in plant modeling technology works in close relationship with the world major references of the military & civil training simulation industry. Here is a list of the top 15 companies working with us.